Happy Holidays from Your Dental Family in Gilbert

Thanksgiving was the perfect start to the busy holiday season and there are plenty more big meals on the way. Try to limit sugary and starchy treats throughout the holidays. With moderation and good dental habits, you can minimize the damage sugary desserts and drinks may cause. Remember to brush and floss after your meal! As with any other day, brush after every meal and use mouthwash to rinse off sugar that sticks to your teeth.

It is also the ideal time to check for common problems that may be indicative of a dental issue, such as gum disease or tooth decay. Based on research from Centers for Disease Control, gum disease currently affects more than 64 million adults in the United States alone.

Service You Can Get at Higley Park Dental

Gum disease is highly treatable, curable and preventable, with proper oral care routine, regular cleanings at your dentist and teeth whitening. Deep cleanings at your dentist’s can help remove bacteria, tartar, and food debris that have collected under the gum line with scaling and root planning.

Dental practices also can help you get the full and correct picture of your dental health with x-rays, and even oral cancer evaluations. Your dentist can provide proper preventative care and nutritional information for good oral health too.

Besides filling in cavities, your dentist can help you get that perfect smile with repair services for your teeth, such as tooth veneers, crowns, inlays and onlays, tooth bonding to reshape teeth, where necessary.  Even missing or cracked teeth are easily fixed with dental bridges or implants.

Thank You Note

Dr. Lonnie Eckman, Dr. Jennifer Bailey and our dedicated staff at Higley Park Dental in Gilbert, AZ know how easy it is to forget what we are thankful for so we wanted to stop for a moment to express our appreciation to our great patients for blessing us with your business and placing your trust in our dental team. We are lucky to work with you and your family in making your smiles healthy and the best they can be.

We value your relationship with us and hank on your continued trust as we continue to serve you with the best quality care possible.

We are also thankful that you or your family members are maintaining strong dental health! We hope that your holiday season be filled with abundance, peace and prosperity.

We look forward to seeing you again soon!


Higley Park Dental Care Team



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