When Is The Right Time To Have Your Kids Fitted For Braces?

Many children have tooth alignment problems and may require orthodontic treatment to help fix these problems. If your child’s teeth are not developing properly or there any early evidences of problems with their teeth and jaws, they may benefit from an orthodontic evaluation. Orthodontics deals with the diagnosis and treatment of dental and facial abnormalities with corrective appliances. Anyone with healthy tissues and bones makes a good candidate for orthodontist braces.

Most pediatric dentists recommend that you bring your child for their first dental appointment within six months of the appearance of his or her first tooth. And if there are any signs of malocclusion, you may receive a referral to an orthodontist from your child’s dentist.

What Is Malocclusion?

Teeth and jaws have to be correctly aligned for a person’s bite to be effective and also for the appearance of straight teeth. Any deviation from this, leading to crooked, misaligned, crowded, improperly spaced teeth that do not fit together properly is considered a malocclusion.

Reasons for Malocclusions

In most cases, malocclusions are inherited, but on occasions there are some factors that contribute to the development of malocclusions, such as-

  • Early loss of baby teeth
  • Thumb-sucking
  • Tongue thrusting
  • Trauma or accident
  • Medical problems
  • Dental decay
  • Poor nutrition

Can Crooked Teeth Correct Themselves Over Time?

Studies have shown that crooked teeth and other malocclusions do not improve over time without proper treatment. In fact, they tend to get worse over time. Early orthodontic treatment can prevent extraction of permanent teeth and allows orthodontists to influence skeletal growth during the growing phase.

When Can Your Kid Benefit From Braces

Orthodontic devices such as braces can influence growth in the jaw and help an orthodontist optimize treatment to resolve many structural and cosmetic dental problems. So, early evaluation and possible treatment usually is advantageous for most children. Proper treatment to get braces can greatly improve dental function and improve the appearance of teeth for kids. Braces can help children having difficult biting or chewing or those with missing teeth or blocked-out teeth. Even kids who have lost their primary teeth early can gain from braces. Anyone with overbite or under-bite issues or those suffering from problems with temporomandibular joints are also often recommended braces. Children who have crowded or misplaced teeth and problems with jaws or teeth that are not in proportion with facial structure can also gain from getting fitted with braces.

Braces for Kids:  When Is The Right Time To Have My Child Evaluated For Braces?

The ideal age for treatment by an orthodontist is different depending on the patient. Generally speaking, the orthodontic treatment takes place between 9-14 years old, after all of the primary teeth have gone. So while some children can be evaluated for orthodontic braces at age five or six, while others will have to wait for their permanent teeth start to come in. But dentists usually recommend getting an evaluation before age seven, because a child will have enough permanent teeth by then for the orthodontist to diagnose if there will be future malocclusion.

An early examination for diagnosis and prevention makes the future orthodontic treatment easier for the patient and the doctor. An orthodontist will perform a detailed examination of the face, the jaws and the teeth and assess x-rays, and molds of teeth, to check whether your child will require treatment and then recommend a suitable treatment plan.

Higley Park Dental Care values your smile. Getting timely orthodontic treatment can help improve the health of your teeth and improve your self-esteem too.

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